OS2 Warp Setup

The following settings should be in Warp's Internet Access Kit. Verify that they are correct and that you can connect properly. If you have any problems, please call Internet Connection Technical Support.


Warp's IAK Setup

A. Start the Dialer and select "Add Entry".
  1. The Login Info Tab
    *Name: Intcon
    Description: <blank>
    Login ID: <your username>
    Password: <your password>
    Phone: See POP List
    Login Sequence: <blank>
    Connection Type: PPP
    Inactivity TimeOut Option: 15

  2. The Connect Info Tab
    Your IP Address:
    Destination IP Address: <blank>
    *MRU Size: 1024
    VJ Compression: <checked>
    *Domain Nameserver: See machine name list.
    Your Host Name: <Your Username>
    *Your Domain Name: intcon.net

  3. The Server Info Tab
    News Server: news.intcon.net
    Gopher Server: <blank>
    WWW Server: www.intcon.net
    Mail Gateway: smtp.intcon.net
    POP Mail Server: pop3.intcon.net
    Reply Domain: intcon.net
    Reply (Mail) ID: <your username>
    POP Login ID: <your username>
    POP Password: <your password>

  4. The Moden Info Tab
    Modem Type: <user specified>
    Com Port: <user specified>
    Speed (Baud): <user specified>
    Data Bits: 8
    Mode: Dial
    Parity: None
    Prefix: ATDT
    Initialization String 1: AT&F
    Initialization String 2: <blank>
    Call Waiting: <user specified>

You are now done configuring the Warp Dialer, close the window and choose SAVE. To connect to Internet Connection, open the dialer and choose intcon to dial.