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Here are a few links that you can manually submit your URL's to.
I can tell you its not fun nor is it easy, all I can do is give you a few tips on how to make the best of it.

If you decide that manual submission isn't for you, we can do the work for you. When we submit a site for a customer we take extra care to make sure that all the information is exact and spelled correctly, if we see bad meta data or no meta data we will inform our clients before we submit their URL.

You should also try to optimize your pages and your meta tags before going on a submission spree, it could be the difference in a top 10-20-30 listing and 1000. If optimizing is something you would rather not take time in doing, we can also help you out with the optimization of your meta tags.

Okay lets get to this.
First you should create a text file or a document file, in that file you need to get certain info from your opening Web Page ( index/default page ).
You will need the title of your web site no more than 80 characters, the description ( the description should not be longer than 200 characters and as descriptive as possible ), you will also need your e-mail address, your name, address, URL of web site, phone number, fax number, meta tags (whew!).
Now for a freebie from the folks at Internet Connection, when creating your title, description and keywords try to use your top (highly targeted) keywords in your title, site description and keywords.

What do you mean "what keywords"? you know, your keywords! As in your Meta Tags. 

So now you have all this stuff together hopefully. Grab a drink, some munchies and turn on your favorite tunes to keep you company, and click on the first submit link you come to.

You should see something close to add your link or a submit form with all the little boxes for your name, URL, title of your web site etc.
All you have to do is open your text or doc file and cut n' paste the info into the right boxes.
Now that wasn't so hard was it? (hahaha, When you get to the 200th one or 300th one tell me if you are still enjoying yourself.)
If you need any advice or help just email me. Web Master


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