Great Speed GS-R250S Configuration


To use the Great Speed GS-R250S as an ADSL Router for a network:

Operating Mode: Routed Ethernet over ATM (RFC1438)

Ethernet IP: Use unrouted IP’s from the block or the block. The default of should be OK.

LAN Subnet mask: is a class C

ADSL IP: As supplied by Internet Connection.

WAN Subnet mask: As supplied by Internet Connection. Usually it is

Gateway IP: As Supplied by Internet Connection. Usually one number less than the ADSL IP above.

VPI: 0 The default.

VCI: 35 The default.

Encapsulation: IIc(bridged)

NAT: enable

ADSL Mode: multi mode

Advanced Settings:

DHCP Server: Enable – this is the easiest way to assign addresses to the computers on your network.

Subnet: – default. Should correspond to the Ethernet IP address above.

Netmask: – Should be the same as the LAN Subnet mask above.

Range: – – The default, or within the Ethernet IP address and subnet above.

Subnet mask:

Broadcaast address: – default. Or the broadcast address for the Ethernet IP block above.

Gateway IP: – Same as the Ethernet IP above.

Primary DNS IP: \

Secondary DNS IP: / Values for Tulsa and for ICT, and and for OKC.

Lease time: 30 days

Idle: 1 day