Great Speed GS-P100B ADSL Modem Configuration


Configuration settings for the GS-P100B and Microsoft Windows.

The file that should be installed from the CD is 1483w98

The Installation manual that comes with the modem is very good. Please follow the step by step instructions.

The following settings should be configured automatically.

ITEX 95A2.sys
Atuc Vendor ID 0
Framing LLC/SNAP
Modem opmode T1.413 Issue 2
Protocol Bridged Ethernet over ATM
QOS Disable
QOS Option    AVR 905
                        MBS 448
                        MinRate 1358
                        PCR 1811
                        SCR 905
Receive Cell Buffer Length 10240
Transmit Cell Buffer Length 10240
VCI 35
VCI Bit Error Rate Test 21
VPI Bit Error Rate 0