WDBI MS SQL Server Interface

The sqlserver_dbi.pl file makes it possible to use WDBI to interface to Microsoft's SQL Server.


You need Perl version 5.004 or later. You will also need to use the DBI DBD::ODBC module.

You can find information about Perl at: http://www.perl.com.

You can find out more about DBI and the DBD modules at: http://www.hermetica.com/technologia/perl/DBI/index.html.

Configuration of WDBI

Follow the normal WDBI configuration instructions, with the following exceptions :


Some features of WDBI do not work for SQL Server with some ODBC drivers:
  1. Returning the key generated by a serial field on insert. SQL Server maintains serial key values on a per connection basis, and only the OpenLink ODBC driver supports this feature. The Microsoft and Intersolv drivers do not, in my tests, as of 16 February, 1999.
  2. The maximum number of characters that can be inserted is 255 under the Microsoft ODBC driver. Intersolv and OpenLink do not have this limitation.

Creating FDF's

Included is also a SQL Server version of mkfdf, called sqlserverfdf, which will produce a working template FDF file given a database and table name.

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