WDBI Informix Interface

The original Informix interface module for isqlperl was written by Curtis Wong (office curtis@ana.com, home curtis@crl.com) The current DBD::Informix module was written by Jeff Rowe (beowulf@lava.net).


To use the WDBI Informix interface you will need Perl (version 5.004 or better).

You can find information about Perl at: http://www.perl.com.

You also need DBI and DBD::Informix. DBD::Informix is a set of user-defined subroutines letting you access an Informix data server using Perl. You will need the Informix development system to build DBD::Informix.

You can find out more about DBI and the DBD modules at: http://www.hermetica.com/technologia/perl/DBI/index.html


Follow the normal WDBI configuration instructions, with the following exceptions :

Creating FDF's

Included is also an Informix version of mkfdf, called informixfdf, which will produce a working template FDF file given a database and table name. Edit the informixfdf file (which is in the bin/ directory of this distribution) and set the variable $CONFIG_DIR to the path of the directory that contains the file 'informix_dbi.pl'.

Copyright © 1996-98 Bo Frese Rasmussen and Jeff Rowe