WDBI Sybase Interface

The sybase_dbi.pl file makes it possible to use WDBI to interface to Sybase databases.


To use the WDBI Sybase interface you will need Perl (version 5.004 or better).

You can find information about Perl at: http://www.perl.com.

You also need DBI and DBD::Sybase. DBD::Sybase is a set of user-defined subroutines letting you access a Sybase data server using Perl. You will need the Sybase development system to build DBD::Sybase.

You can find out more about DBI and the DBD modules at: http://www.hermetica.com/technologia/perl/DBI/index.html


Follow the normal WDBI configuration instructions, with the following exceptions :


Some features of WDBI do not work for Sybase with some DBD::Sybase drivers:
  1. The 'lookup' attribute only works for Sybase with DBD::Sybase 0.12 or better.
  2. The $sth->{ChopBlanks} DBI attribute requires DBD::Sybase 0.12 or better to work without generating an error.

Creating FDF's

Included is also a Sybase version of mkfdf, called sybasefdf, which will produce a working template FDF file given a database and table name.

Copyright © 1998 Jeff Rowe