WDBI mSQL Interface

The msql_dbi.pl or msql2_dbi.pl file make it possible to use WDBI to interface to mSQL. WDBI supports both versions of mSQL, 1.0.x and 2.0.x. The msql_dbi.pl file is used with mSQL 1.0.x, and the msql2_dbi.pl file is used with mSQL 2.0.x.

mSQL ( mini SQL ) is a free database system written by David J. Hughes .edu.au). It is a lightweight database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data with low memory requirements. As its name implies mSQL offers a subset of SQL as its query interface.

mSQL is available from http://wwwHughes.com.au.


You need Perl version 5.004 or later. Both the DBD::mSQL and MsqlPerl extensions are combined into the msql-modules package from Andreas Koenig. You will need to use the DBD extension.

You can find information about Perl at: http://www.perl.com.

You can find out more about DBI and the DBD modules at: http://www.hermetica.com/technologia/perl/DBI/index.html.


Follow the normal WDBI configuration instructions, with the following exceptions :

Creating FDF's

Included is also an mSQL version of mkfdf, called msqlfdf or msql2fdf, which will produce a working template FDF file given a database and table name. Use the program appropriate for your version of mSQL.

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